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How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores How To Get Rid Of Cold Sores
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solid basic info on cold sores as it is a largely misunderstood virus, often seen as an STD or some how disgusting. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ and Pinterest.

Acyclovir or Aciclovir are generic names of a compound used to treat cold sores. The most common trade name is Zovirax, which is marketed in the form of a tablet or cream. Zovirax costs anywhere from $10-15. Other therapeutics containing acyclovir is also sold in the forms of creams or oral supplements. Acyclovir itself is effective against different strains and types of Herpes viruses.


Zovirax is manufactured by Valeant Pharmaceuticals, which is based in Canada. The company went through a merger, and then was bought by Biovail Corporation. The company has also recently acquired other pharmaceutical companies such as Medicis Pharmaceuticals of Arizona. Other products by Valeant Pharmaceuticals include Mestinon and Diastat. Valeant itself has manufactured and sold over 500 products. It works through the entire pipeline of drug discovery, from the moment that targets are identified in cells, to the clinical trials that all drugs must undergo, and finally, commercialization. Many of its products serve the fields of infectious disease, dermatology, and neurology.

How Does Acyclovir Work?

The Acyclovir in Zovirax works by keeping viruses from replicating their DNA. Acyclovir does this by attaching a chemical group to the ends of a propagating DNA strand, thereby keeping the virus from repackaging new DNA that will go into making new viruses. DNA replication is one of the first steps in the cycle of virus growth: it allows viruses themselves to replicate, colonize a host, and then spread. Continued below....

In the case of cold sores, Herpes virus attaches to cell membranes on a skin surface, and through this attachment colonizes skin cells and thereby causes the inflammation characteristic of cold sores.

Acyclovir Reviews

According to reviews, Acyclovir works well and not only stops the virus from spreading but seems to also quickly stop cold sores. Reviews of it have generally been positive: whether people took it as a cream or a tablet, it was effective in removing the cold sores themselves, as well as the pain that came with them.

Is Acyclovir Safe?

However, general warnings for Acyclovir warn that it should not be ingested in cream form. It can induce vomiting and nausea if it is taken systematically. The cream itself can also cause burning, scratching, or itching in people who are sensitive to Acyclovir. Because Acyclovir works against viruses, some people might develop resistance to it. This might occur due to overuse of the cream or tablet. Moreover, because Acyclovir cannot be dissolved in water, it must be given intravenously for patients who need it in high concentrations. Moreover, Acyclovir works on ALL replicating DNA, so it should not be used by pregnant women. However, clinical trials have not shown any ill effects of the drug, and some doctors can prescribe it to pregnant women. It will take an extremely high dose for Acyclovir to be fatal. At high doses, Acyclovir can cause sore throat, vertigo, anorexia, hepatitis, fatigue, lethargy, and confusion.

Acyclovir Online

You can read more about Zovirax online at the official website on It also has an official page on Facebook, which can be accessed through here. The official page currently has 75 likes.

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